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kamlaranahey third-floor-art

Welcome to my website!

Currently under construction!

Deutsche Seite in Arbeit!

* The "Third Floor"- that's where all the art and creative classes took place in my high school. Each student artist could present their artwork once a year. Senior year... I was touched to hear that many teachers of all subjects had ventured up there (the 6th floor from the new building!). It was a great feeling that they were impressed by my work. Two teachers wanted to have specific paintings, and after that, several received new ones as a gift.


I put my heart into every painting... I feel a connection to my subject, whether it be the beauty of nature, architecture or the human body. Many people have told me my paintings are therapy for the soul. Thanks! Yes! For me too! More in "About me".

kamlaranahey third-floor-art
kamlaranahey third-floor-art


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