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Kamla Rana (Singh) Hey

Lotus Flower Kamla Rana Hey

Born in the US of Indian and American parents,  I've spent half my life living in Northern Germany!

"Kamla" is Panjabi for lotus flower.

"Rana" comes from Rani, queen.

"Singh" is a common Sikh last name meaning lion.

"Hey" is the name I took upon marriage and is pronounced "high".

Photo: K. Hey


I grew up in Stamford, CT, along the rustic coast of southern New England, in the midst of a beautiful countryside full of nature, water and wildlife. Painting and drawing have been a part of me since childhood.  Every free minute was spent drawing and sketching to perfection. Long road trips and flights to my grandparents in Florida were shortened with sketch books and colored pencils. A fascination for cats, horses, sunsets, wildlife, architecture and anything captivating inspired me to capture objects of beauty on paper. At the age of 11 my works were praised by both teachers and classmates. 


During high school I was able to develop my skills and discover most mediums of art, from ink sketches to watercolors. I created special works for my favorite teachers as well as many friends. Many thanks for the wonderful possibilities at Stamford High School!


Not only the ability to paint, but also my passion for language set me to follow my course in life...  My interest in foreign cultures and a knack for learning languages set my path towards studying languages -- but art would always remain one of my greatest passions. I spent 4 years studying German and Russian Area Studies at Tufts University outside of Boston, also keeping up with the French I had studiously learned in high school. My studies eventually led me to find my home in Germany.  I always had my art supplies and sketch pad at hand, and spent many years concentrating on watercolors. 


I spent one year studying in the beautiful old city of Tübingen, in the South of Germany, and lived several years in Kiel, situated on the Baltic Sea coast, fascinating with its rugged cliffs along a shallow green-blue sea. Another source of artistic inspiration was a two-year residence in Carmel, California, along one of the most picturesque areas of the Pacific; the coastal magnificence was so immense I couldn’t believe my eyes! 

Stamford High School, Stamford, CT. USA.             Photo K. Hey

The third floor is up there under the cupola!                                        

After returning to Germany, I participated in an oil painting course which set the stage for my current occupation as “artist on commission”. I currently reside in the quiet North German town of Schortens, close to the North Sea and the Wadden Sea National Park Reserve known as the “Wattenmeer” which is also the setting for paintings to come. The Wattenmeer is a unique body of water with strong tides, often leaving sand without water. Have you ever heard of the book (and movie) “The Riddle of the Sands”?


I have spent the several years concentrating on language, translation and graphic work. Many friends and businesses have asked if I am still painting, and have been interested in exhibitions. I am not myself without painting, thus, I have gone back to freelancing, with the new option of canvas prints, an option for affordable art, with new twists:


 -- New endeavors are canvas art prints, as well as unique wooden prints, created on specific types of wooden boards or slats and with an option for soft or broken edges. A unique piece of art which brings the shore inside your home! In addition, I am also starting the production of throw pillows and duvet covers! (Please see art prints and more). I am always looking onto new possibilities!


For those interested in commissioning any of the above, please contact me at, or +49-4461-909215. You may also use my contact form on this site.



A very special thanks to my parents for all their support and to Uschi Juretko for setting me back on gear and pushing me to take her oil painting course!


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